Introducing EMG

AHWI Australia has changed its name to EMG - Environmental Machinery Group.

EMG distributes the unrivalled range of Prinoth crawler tractors, AHWI mulchers, stump grinders, rotavators, chippers, bunching shears, grapples and slashers as well as the well credentialled Antraquip range of rock cutting equipment.

Attachments are available for PTO tractors, excavators, skid steers and other vehicles.

//NEWS// Extra width for extra productivity

Ray Galdes from Mel-Ray Industries in Freemans Reach, New South Wales wanted to add mulching productivity to his ASV Positrack RT-120. Being the forestry model, it features an ideal hydraulic set-up for the AHWI skid steer mulcher range, and its superior power lends itself to the wider M450HSS mulching head.

The M450HSS-1900 mm model, boasting an additional 300 mm width compared with the standard model allows Ray and his team to get through work easier, faster and more cost-effectively.

Grinding is achieved by a combination of AHWI’s patented UPTS or BCS tool patterns and can be tailored to suit particular applications, such as hard or soft woods, thick bush or timber.

As with all hydraulic munchers from AHWI Australia, it was configured exactly to get the optimum performance from the RT120’s hydraulic system, so Ray could be sure he was getting the maximum efficiency possible.

Find out more about the powerful M450HSS mulcher here.



Tracked Carriers

AHWI Carriers are available from 150 to 600 horsepower. The powerful and sure-footed solution for mounting your AHWI attachments.

  PTO Mulchers

Mulchers for 3-point PTO carriers from 85 to 600 horspower.

  Excavator Mulchers

Mulchers for excavators ranging from 12 tons to 36 tons.

Skid Steer Mulchers

Mulchers and slashers for your skid steer loader.

  Hydraulic Mulchers

Mulchers for carriers with a suitable hydraulic output

  Rotavators and Grinders

PTO Rotavators for working various depths, strip grinders for row planting and stump grinders.

Other Attachments

Including grapples and bunching shears.


  Biomass Harvesters

Productive biomass harvesting solutions.

  Rock Cutting Equipment

Cutting and grinding heads for demolition, rock grinding and trenching, both above ground and underwater.


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