OMEF’ latest addition. 2400 kg of pure power; for excavators starting from 30 t of operating weight. Numbers speak for themselves: more than 700 mm of cutting capacity and 140 t of force coming from the huge cylinder.

Technical Data

Excavator class weight 30 tons
Attachment weight 2400 Kg | 5291 lbs
Min cut diameter 270 mm | 11"
Max cut diameter 600/700 mm | 20/24"
Oil Pressure 320 - 400 | 4640 - 5800 psi (min-max)
Hydraulic flow 250 – 300 l/min | 66 – 80 gal/min (min-max)
Width 1960 mm
Length 2060 mm
Height 1020 mm


OMEF Big Inch was born from the idea to combine simplicity, efficiency and versatility in a single machine, joined with an in-depth design and engineering study. The result is a worldwide success: designed to work on all types of wood, “Big Inch” is able to grab, cut and hold the plant at the same time.

The efficiency of the “Big Inch” shear is granted by the quality of raw material used.  OMEF relies only on wear resistant XAR steel that makes the tree shear incredibly strong and robust and it ensures an outstanding performance even in the most extreme working conditions.

The integrated blade, which provides the highest levels of resistance, hardness and toughness, has a patented and unique profile in the world, making “Big Inch” capable of cutting down plants with a quick and neat cut.

Based on these elements, OMEF has developed the largest range of tree shears on the market with six models available. Big Inch can be fitted on operating machines starting from 2 t up to 50 t and it can be customized with several accessories able to increase the efficiency and productivity, offering the best tailor made solution for all forestry professionals.