For excavators from 6-12 tons or skid steer loaders up to 90 PS

The S700e is a stump grinder for excavators from 6-12 tons or can be used as S700s on skid steer loaders with its special adapter.

Technical Data

Working width in [mm] 114
Volume flow [l/min] 60-140
Milling diameter in [mm] 700
Overall width in [mm] 650
Weight* in [kg] 292 (excavator) | 390 (skid steer)
Note Technical changes made during the course of further development are reserved. *The weight specifications refer to the equipment.

Application Areas

Stump grinding

This often refers to stump milling, tree stump shredding or root stock recycling. This may involve rootstock processing with a stump grinder on site and leaving the ground material behind.

A second option is to process the stumps in the ground with a rotovator. Another method is to mulch or shred tree stumps or root balls on the surface that have been excavated in a previous process e.g., Using excavators, bulldozers or track loaders.