The PRINOTH stump grinder SF900 is designed for high-performance carrier vehicles in the power class 80 - 180 HP for 3-point hitch CAT II or CAT III.

There are only a few options for the selective reduction or removal of rootstocks. The remaining rootstocks can be a major obstacle in many places. There is a clear number of different ways to remove them. A rootstock can be milled off up to a depth of 60 cm in the soil using a stump grinder. The milled material is usually left in the milled hole.

The double-sided tiller rotor driver is done via a swivelling transfer case. The gearbox automatically adjusts to the movements of the side arm and the main arm – the bending of the drive shaft joint is minimized. The entire drive train is protected, which increases the life of the main driving elements. The machine functions are conveniently controlled via a wired remote-control unit.

Technical Data

Power class in HP 80-180
Milling diameter 900
Weight in kg 1300

Your advantages at a glance


Maximum efficiency due to the mechanical drive and maximum load control.

Service Life

Long service life of the machinery and drive shaft thanks to oversized dimensions and the patented synchronization control.

Application Areas

Stump grinding

This often refers to stump milling, tree stump shredding or root stock recycling. This may involve rootstock processing with a stump grinder on site and leaving the ground material behind.

A second option is to process the stumps in the ground with a rotovator. Another method is to mulch or shred tree stumps or root balls on the surface that have been excavated in a previous process e.g., Using excavators, bulldozers or track loaders.